We'll help you find the solution to your directional bore needs.

Water Mains, Gas Mains, 

Sewer Gravity and Forced Mains, Continuous Conduit

& pull boxes

Services Crossing City and Rural Streets.

We install conduit infrastructure for traffic light intersection cameras and traffic control systems.

Power conduit systems for street lighting and other power systems.

From Water Meter to main. 

Gas Service to main. 

Sewer Clean Out to Manhole on grade. 

Our small drill will leave little to no imprint in yards.

We offer front yard and back yard service.

From the simplest bores to the most difficult bores. 

Since 1999 we have successfully installed over 4 million feet of HDPE, FLEX RING DUCTILE IRON, DIAMOND LOCK, CERT-A-LOCK,  AND SCH 40 PVC

We offer HDPE fusion from 2" to 14"

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